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About The Artist

Uniquely gifted.  Anointed.  Called.  These are just a few of the adjectives that accurately have been used to describe the artist, W. Timothy Bailey.  Not only is he a talented keyboardist, he is a composer, recording artist, music trascriptionist, published author, and highly respected workshop clinician.  Timothy is keyboardist and one of the founding members of the award-winning instrumental group New Creation.  He has studied and displayed proficiency on various instruments including the piano, violin, clarinet, saxophone, voice and organ.  While furthering his education at the
University of Kansas, he served as Minister of Music and Chief Musician at a local church leading the choir to record its premiere project consisting of songs composed, arranged and directed by Mr. Bailey.  He is one of the first African Americans - and perhaps the first - in the 100+ year history of the university to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music Theory.  Additionally, Bailey holds an advanced certificate for 4 years of study in the Lucie E. Campbell Music Workshop.  He is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). His commitment to helping others put Jesus First in music led him to form JeFirst Music, LLC.  In his role as President and CEO, Bailey challenges choir members to grow from music to ministry - positively impacting the lives of people for the kingdom of God.  "Why be just a choir member when you can be a ministry-minded musician? ... God has blessed you with a unique power to encourage the broken hearted, challenge sinners to repentance and edify His saints.  God can work through your music to calm evil spirits.  Don't take that responsibility lightly."

Bailey's first book entitled Habits7 for Highly Effective Choir Rehearsals has been distributed throughout the continental United States.  He shares from over three decades of expertise in the field of music.  "In my many years of music involvement, I've attended more than a couple of ineffective rehearsals!"  This book, complete with a Bible study guide, presents practical, biblical principles to ensure effective rehearsals.

His most recent book is entitled The Be-Attitudes of God-honoring Excellence.  This offering is focused on encouraging instrumentalists to move from mediocrity to excellence.  We can smooth out those rough edges as we strive to produce music with the quality, clarity and brilliance of a rare and valuable diamond.  Extraordinary. Exceptional.  Nothing less than excellent.

Mr. Bailey has shared  his unique gift
throughout the country from Kansas to Kentucky to New York to Missouri and even Canada. Currently, he is a private piano instructor at Key Impact Studios and Blues to Bach Music Center as well as a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Carver Baptist Bible College, Institute and Theological Seminary.  He and his wife Andrea are the parents of two gifted musical artists who are poised to continue this musical legacy.



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07.16.10  8:00pm  Kansas City, KS
Sumner Academy (JT Productions)

06.26.10  4:00pm  Kansas City, MO
Shalom Baptist Church (private party)

05.22.10  6:00pm  Olathe, KS
     TBA (private party)     

04.25.10  3.30pm  Kansas City, MO
Paseo Baptist Church (FAF Concert)
04.24.10  6:00pm  Kansas City, KS
Salem Baptist Church (wedding)

04.16.10  11:00am  Lenexa, KS

04.02.10  7:30pm  Overland Park, KS
Homer's Coffee House

03.21.10  3:30pm  Kansas City, KS
     Wilhelmina Gill Center (private party)

03.19.10  6:00pm  Kansas City, MO
Holiday Inn Kansas City SE (private party)

03.12.10  6:30pm  Kansas City, MO
     Colonial Presbyterian Church
02.14.10  5:30pm  Leawood, KS

01.17.10  6:00pm  Olathe, KS
     College Church of the Nazarene

01.08.10  6:00pm  Kansas City, MO
Colonial Presbyterian Church

12.31.09  10:00pm  Winnipeg, MB
     Calvary Temple Church


12.19.09  5:00pm  New Century, KS
     Gardner Detention Center

12.11.09  7:30pm  Leawood, KS
     Tannah's Asian Fusion

12.04.09  7:30pm  Overland Park, KS
     Homer's Coffee House

11.20.09  6:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     Reardon Convention Center ($-First Baptist Anniv)

11.15.09  8:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Kansas City Baptist Temple w/Debra Lee

11.01.09  3:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     New Fellowship Baptist Church w/Russell Fears

10.17.09  7:15pm  Paola, KS
     Evergreen Events (private party)

10.17.09  11:30am  Leawood, KS
     Leawood Pioneer Library

10.10.09  4:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Palestine Baptist Church (wedding)

10.09.09  7:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Palestine Baptist Church (private party)

10.02.09  7:30pm  Leawood, KS
     Tannah's Asian Fusion

09.19.09  5:30pm  Kansas City, MO
     Ebenezer AME Church (wedding)

09.12.09  6:00pm  Bonner Springs, KS

07.03.09  8:30pm  Lawrence, KS
     Koinonia Cafe (BridgePointe Cmty Church)

06.20.09  6:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Bruce Watkins Cultural Center (private party)

06.12.09  6:30pm  Overland Park, KS
     Jo County Community College (private party)

06.01-05.09  6:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Friendship Baptist Church ($-New Era Dist Cong)

05.31.09  6:00pm  Olathe, KS
     College Church (Global Day of Prayer)

05.23.09  6:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Hyatt Regency Hotel ($-Hidden In Christ Banquet)

05.16.09  3:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     KCK Community College ($-NAACP)

05.03.09  5:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     Mt Zion Baptist Church

04.26.09  4:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Paseo Baptist Church

04.21.09  8:00am   Kansas City, KS
     Open Door Christian School (ACSI Festival)

04.10.09  7:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Centennial UM Church (Cantata)

04.01.09  6:00pm  Leawood, KS
     Christ Community Church (private party)

03.26-28.09  7:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     Christ The Savior Bapt Church (Workshop)

03.14.09  6:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Chaz On The Plaza

03.11.09  7:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Cleveland Avenue Bapt Church (Revival)

02.28.09  3:30pm  Kansas City, MO
     Southeast Community Center (private party)

02.01.09  9:00 & 10:30am  Gladstone, MO
     Antioch Worship Center

01.18.09  6:00pm  Olathe, KS
     College Church of the Nazarene

01.17.09  1:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Paseo Baptist Church

01.10.09  7:00pm  Excelsior Spgs, MO
     Crescent Lake Cmty Church

12.31.08  7:00pm  Winnipeg, MB
     Winnipeg Evangelical Free Church

12.21.08  6:00pm  Overland Park, KS
     First Family Church

12.14.08  6:00pm  Olathe, KS
     Indian Creek Community Church

12.13.08  5:00pm  New Century, KS
     Gardner Detention Center

11.22.08  7:30pm  Leawood, KS
     Black Creek Coffeehouse

11.22.08  2:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     Salem Baptist Church (wedding)

10.25.08  4:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Club 1000 (private party)

10.25.08  11:00am  Kansas City, KS
     Painted Hills Golf Course (private party)

10.24.08  11:30am  Kansas City, KS
     Stranger's Rest Bapt Church (Revival)

10.23.08  11:30am  Kansas City, KS
     Stranger's Rest Bapt Church (Revival)

10.22.08  11:30am  Kansas City, KS
     Stranger's Rest Bapt Church (Revival)

10.11.08  9:00am  Liberty, MO
     Pleasant Valley Bapt (Women's Conf)

10.10.08  6:00pm  Liberty, MO
     Pleasant Valley Bapt (Women's Conf)

10.05.08  6:00pm  Olathe, KS
     Indian Creek Community Church

09.20.08  7:00pm  Smithville, MO
     Smithville Lake (Nehemiah Festival)

09.18.08  6:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     Jack Reardon Civic Ctr (private party)

09.15.08  8:10am  Kansas City, KS
     Open Door Christian School

09.07.08  3:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     Chelsea Park (Koinonia 2008)

09.06.08  6:00pm  Leavenworth, KS
     Jazz By The River

09.06.08  7:00pm  Leawood, KS
     Black Creek Coffeehouse

08.29.08  5:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     The Legends (sidewalk concert)

08.23.08  7:00pm  Leawood, KS
     Plaza III Steakhouse

08.09.08  8:00pm  Olathe, KS
     Tannah's Asian Fusion

08.02.08  7:00pm  Leawood, KS
     Plaza III Steakhouse

07.26.08  3:30pm  Smithville, MO
     Christian Family Day

07.23.08  7:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     Mt Zion Baptist Church (Revival)

07.19.08  3:00pm  Kansas City, MO
     St James UM Church (wedding)

07.12.08  4:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     Salem Baptist Church (wedding)

07.04.08  3:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     Painted Hills Golf Course (private party)

06.21.08  4:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     Kansas Speedway (WIM concert)

06.13.08  6:00pm  Kansas City, KS
     Bethel Presbyterian Church

06.06.08  6:00pm Overland Pk, KS
     Johnson County Cmty College

05.17.08  2:00pm Overland Pk, KS
     Embassy Suites (private party)

05.16.08  7:00pm Kansas City, MO
     Plaza III Steakhouse

05.10.08  7:00pm Leawood, KS
     Plaza III Steakhouse
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