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Click below to print your free copy of the ever popular
30 Ways To Be A Better Choir Member
Have each of your choir members select 5 of these that they will commit to do within the next 12 months.  Watch how much better your choir becomes.  For more free resources, click here.

Habits7 For Highly Effective Choir Rehearsals        Handbook $7.48 (see reduced pricing below)
Have you ever attended an ineffective choir rehearsal?  If so, this book is for you.

Recommended as a handbook for every choir member, this book is practical, timely yet sometimes humorous and to the point.  You'll find sensible, easy to apply principles that are sure to heighten your rehearsal experiences.  Click here to read an excerpt. 
Order your paperback copy today from Amazon or NTimeMusic. The Kindle edition is available at Amazon.

Table of Contents
 Habit 1: Strengthen Your Relationship
 Habit 2: Anticipate A Blessing
 Habit 3: Prepare Yourself
 Habit 4: Enter Appropriately
 Habit 5: Check Your Attitude
 Habit 6: Pay Attention
 Habit 7: Remember Accountability
How Many Do You Need?  

The Be-Attitudes of God-honoring Excellence       Exclusively for Musicians
ow do you honor an excellent God?  How do you enter his holy place?  Only with clean hands and a pure heart. That pure heart begins with pure motives, right thinking, and the right attitude.  An attitude of excellence.

Instrumentalists, we can take our musicianship to that level.  We can smooth out some of those rough edges as we strive to produce music with the quality, clarity, and brilliance of a rare and valuable diamond. Extraordinary.  Exceptional.  Nothing less than excellent.

Required reading for musicians who play in church. Practical principles that will take your musicianship to the next level.  Click here to read an excerpt.  
Order a paperback copy for each of your musicians today through NTimeMusic. The Kindle edition is available at Amazon under the title Tune Your 'Tude.

 Table of Contents
 Attitude 1: Be Spiritually Minded
 Attitude 2: Be an Accompanist
 Attitude 3: Be Prepared
 Attitude 4: Be Tasteful
 Attitude 5: Be Skillful
 Attitude 6: Be Sure
 Attitude 7: Be Attentive
 Attitude 8: Be Stylistically Versatile
 Attitude 9: Be Humble
 Attitude 10: Be Dependable
 Attitude 11: Be Personally Responsible

Meditations of My Heart         Audio CD  Order Here      Introducing New Creation        Audio CD $11.75
The premiere solo piano recording by W. Timothy          The debut recording of the award-winning band 
Bailey.  A unique blend of Gospel, Classical and             New Creation.  Includes unique "new creations" of 
Jazz arrangements of familiar hymns.                           your favorite hymns.
1 - What A Friend We Have In Jesus      4:41                 1 - Jesus Loves Me                              6:50
2 - Great Is Thy Faithfulness                 4:44                 2 - Give Me A Clean Heart                    5:06
3 - 
Jesus Is All The World To Me            5:24                3 - With A Made Up Mind                      3:10
4 - Holy, Holy, Holy                              4:18                4 - What A Friend We Have In Jesus      5:41
5 - Angels We Have Heard On High        3:02                5 - In The Garden                                5:03
6 - O Come, All Ye Faithful                    2:46                6 - He Lives!                                        3:54

Children's Accompaniment Trax  Audio CD $11.75       Special Limited Edition       Audio CD $7.50
Get your children excited with these fresh, exciting         Experience these soul-stirring hymns with Miss  
accompaniment trax with great sound and energy.         Donna Brown accompanied by Timothy Bailey.
1 - My God Is So Big 
                         2:01                    1 - Amazing Grace                     4:26
2 - Give Me Oil 
                                 2:31                     2 - Great Is Thy Faithfulness      5:03
3 - 
Pass It On                                   2:53
4 - Koinonia

2 Gospel Jazz Flavored Hymns        Digital Download
Unique solo piano arrangements of 
What A Friend We Have In Jesus and Near The Cross.  Arranged for the intermediate pianist, the luscious chords and sweet harmonies are certain to spice up your repertoire.  Click on a title to hear a sample and order today.

Professional Music Scoring Service
Has God given you a song that will bless others?  A song for a choir?  An inspiring praise chorus?  Now you can have your original songs transcribed.  Our professional scoring service will help you bring your musical work of art to the masses.  We will professionally score your music in standard notation to be played or sung by everyone!  Your creation will be suitable for presentation to musicians, choirs and publishing companies.  Contact us today for our special $35 per page rate.  Click
here for a sample.

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